Are you a beginner looking for some simple woodwork projects you can get your hands on easily? Luckily, there are tons of DIY wood projects that you can build without any expertise and with very few tools. Most of the projects we’re going to tell you about here only use a single tool or two at most. These projects will build your confidence, enhance your inner creativity and will make you better and better at it.

Wooden Chopping Board or Tray

You can easily build yourself a classy wooden board to slice, chop and serve in great style. There are many simple ways to fit the parts, marking the arches on the wood and then gluing the whole model together tightly. A simple 4-feet steel ruler would be enough to scribe the arches on the wood but a yardstick or any thin board would work just as well. You can find tons of complete how-to instructions on this project online on different websites. Just be sure to use water-repellant glue suitable for the type of wood you’re using and avoid putting it in the dishwasher when you’re finally using it. You must be careful with all the gluing because a slightly uneven fix will cause lots of sanding later on.


If you require an outdoor seating for your lawn in a hurry, then a magnificent wooden bench would definitely fill the lawn up splendidly, especially if you build it yourself. The classic old design of Aldo Leopold is so simple that you can construct it in a couple of hours, even if you’re just an amateur trying things out. Two planks and some 20 screws is all it will take, combined with one easy-to-read online instruction manual.

Coat and Hat racks

If your entryway is cluttered with clothes all the time and you don’t know how to get rid of it, make yourself a simple coat and hat rack. All you need is a 6-foot board and some coat hooks, under an hour’s worth of time and some nails to get the job done. Cut the boards to fit the space, pin the hooks according to your needs and screw it all carefully to the wall.

Behind-the-door Shelf

You’ve probably never thought about this before but the space behind an open door can be utilized into a great behind-the-door shelf. You can build a set of shallow shelves and mount it against the wall behind the door. The materials will all cost under some 50 dollars. This space behind doors is often overlooked and using it further as a storage area will not only make the room more useful but will also make things tidier. Don’t forget to put a rubber bumper on the frame to absorb the door slams.

Swedish Boot Scrapper

Traditional Swedish boot scrappers are a farm accessory in Sweden to prevent gunk and mud-laden shoe soles from entering houses or clean areas. There are no hard-and-fast dimensions, but the edges of the slats are important because they are what scraps the mud off the shoes. Cut triangular cavities on a pair of two to embed the slats on and tighten them with screws.