Nootropics are used to boost your brain functionality. You may get confused with which nootropic to use because of the complexity of our brain.

Here are some tips about how you can choose the best nootropics to stay healthy and sharp:

Buy from Trusted Sources:

If you go to a general store or mart, they will be selling all types of things and supplements. But these supplements are of low quality and the staff doesn’t know much about them.

When you are buying a nootropic, be sure to check out their website. Check how long they have been running the business and if they have a legitimate business, what are their policies of manufacturing etc.

If you’re buying from an online supplement distributor, find out who the seller is. It should be sold by the original manufacturer or a company that has a track record of selling genuine products.

Be Sure of Quality:

Check if the company you are buying nootropics from are registered and checked by any government organization like FDA. If they are not approved by these organizations, do not buy the supplements from them.

Most dairy supplements are not monitored by the government until they are reported, so you have to check the policies of the company yourself and how they get their ingredients for manufacturing.

Buy your nootropics from a well-known reputable brand because they will be able to give you their company’s policies and tell you about their manufacturing. Their website will provide you all the safety and quality tests that are approved.

Prescribed Dosages:

Usually, there are no prescribed dosages for the supplements you buy, because they are different for every supplement. Many companies use normal and safe dosage recommendations.

These dosages turn out to be too low to affect you. You need to follow dosage instructions as told to you by your nutritionist. Many online websites provide dosages of different nootropics, these dosages are based on user reviews and clinical trials and personal experiences.

If you are taking nootropics for the first time, always use a small dosage and check its effect on you.

Check Other Ingredients:

When you buy a nootropic, on the bottle look at the ingredients and find ‘other ingredients’ heading. These will contain chemicals names that increase the idle life of the supplement, improve consistency, add color or flavor, etc.

The best nootropic supplements do not contain extra ingredients, because using extra ingredients to enhance brain activity is unhealthy. If they do contain any they are not more than 1 or 2 capsules in the extra ingredients.

Try to find nootropics with no extra ingredients or 1 or 2 wholefood-based ingredients that too if the manufacturer can provide legitimate reasons for them being included.

Check Supplement’s Bioavailability:

Most supplements and some things you eat, do not get absorbed by your brain. Some important ingredients in nootropics like Turmeric are not easily absorbed by the brain. L-tyrosine is another chemical that isn’t absorbed easily.

To boost the bioavailability, instead of L-tyrosine choose N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) in the ingredients as it gets absorbed easily by your brain. The bioavailability of turmeric can be easily boosted by simply adding 20 milligrams of Piperine when you are taking the nootropic.

Some nootropic supplements might depend on other ingredients and the right form of them, to ensure they boost the nootropic and are effective.