Everyone prefers to be with people who want to be in a similar relationship as you do. In order to understand what the best kind of relationship would be for you, you must first know about the many different ways to be in one. Here are seven of the most simplified types of relationship to help you see where you’d be the most comfortable.

Love is a very subjective state of being. It doesn’t fit inside a one-size-for-all capacity. It’s one thing for you and completely another for someone else, looking and feeling all something different for everybody. That’s why, in the modern world, there are different relationships for different kinds of people, perceiving love in their own unique ways, finding the best fit for their individuality, their lifestyle and persona. To be better in any romantic relationship, you must know what it is to begin with. In order to be at your best self, you should know what kind of a relationship are you getting into and how it can bring the best out of you for your partner and yourself.

Monogamous Relationships

Monogamous relationships are how most of us start out our love life because there is nothing more traditional and easier than for someone to engage in such mainstream manner. This is what we see and observe around us when we are growing up as children: parents, media, relatives. People in monogamous relationships commit to having only a single romantic partner their whole life before many enter into full marriages and permanent commitments.


Polyamorous means having more than one romantic or sexual partner. People choose to do so because monogamy doesn’t always work out and being polyamorous means they get to be with two or, sometimes, more people at once. Most of the times, with consent from all those involved, there is a primary partner and a secondary one while many other people mutually understand these arrangements to be purely equal. The key to a healthy polyamorous relationship is communication and honesty.

Open Relationships

People, who can’t get anything out of monogamous or polyamorous relations move towards open relationships which is necessarily a blend of the two. Both the partners mutually agree to be comfortable with the other having sexual intimacy with other while keeping the emotional affection towards one another.


Long-distance relations are fairly common these days and what it means is quite self-explanatory. People either do so deliberately or have engage in long-distance relationships because of physical and geographical spaces between them and their partners. Some of the people in long-distance relationships choose to stay open due to lack of any physical intimacy.

Casual Sex

Just sex – and that’s it. Both partners mutually settle to have regular sex. Those having casual sex relationships tend to be emotionally distant from their partners and try to keep on about their own business. There is seldom any emotional connection, or so they hope. A casual sex situation, like an office fling, may or may not develop into something serious, depending on how the partners think about it over time.